First of all, we would like to welcome you to our wonderful blog. You are presently reading the Fashion/Makeover category of the blog.

First things first, Consolarse is a company popularly known for Fashion and Makeovers with two other branches under it. In this line we relate to Fashion in everything we do.

The Fashion/Makeover Branch is sub-branched down to Makeup/Makeover (in charge of making you look better) and our fashion line (These include: Bags, Jackets, Belts, Hats, Shoes, Sunglasses/Eye wears, wristwatches, shoes…)

Makeovers for Wedding ceremonies, Birthday party etc. are all done in our studios by our professionals in the branch.

We deliver our products Nationwide, so all you have to do is just call (+2347016527711), e-mail (consolarseinfo@yahoo.com), or send us a DM on our Instagram account(@con_solarse).

We also tutor students interested in learning Makeovers, fashion designing, shoemaking and other fashion sub-branches.


Aanuoluwapo Daniels

Head of Consolarse Fashion/Makeover Branch.






The event planning branch is another branch of Consolarse Groups. We deal majorly with processes involving planning and coordinating of events, which can include:

  • Budgeting,
  • Scheduling,
  • Site selection,
  • Acquiring Necessary Permits,
  • Coordinating Transportation and Parking,
  • Arranging for Speakers or Entertainers
  •  Arranging Decorations
  • Event security
  • Catering etc.

Contact us for more details consolarseinfo@yahoo.com


Atoyebi Boluwatife

Head Of Consolarse Event Planning





Consolarse deals with a lot of aspects covering business and life, just as the motto states and as we know the world isn’t complete without entertainment.

The Entertainment branch, we deal particularly with Talents people enjoy seeing ranging from, Music (Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop, Rap…) to Movies starring our Actors and Actresses you’ll always love to have on your Screen, Comedy dispersed by our Comedians to crack your ribs, down to the Cinematographers, Video editors (Video Effects Editors, CGI creators…) and lots more…

Consolarse Entertainment branch presently has it’s own record label going by the name “Consolarse Entertainment” with few artistes that will be hitting the world with their different styles of music soon.

The Movie Sub-branch dealing with our Actors and Actresses are presently working on a blockbusting movie which will also be hitting Cinemas by this time in 2018.


Olatokun Suleiman

Head of Consolarse Entertainment.